The other day I decided to try some banana apple after a friend of mine said it was pretty yummy. and wow this stuff is pretty good! I mixed it at 18mg (my first time going down to 18mg from 24). I can taste some apple on the inhale and then some banana on the exhale. Here is the recipe for banana, apple. You can adjust percentages of flavor to your own liking.

Banana/Apple: This recipe makes 30ml you may want to try a smaller quantity before making this recipe.

I use 100% PG based unflavored nic mix at 60/40

Nic: 11.25ml
PG: 60% 1.95ml
VG: 40% 12ml
TPA Banana Cream: 2.4ml 8% (Can adjust if need more)
Wizard Labs Apple: 2.4ml 8% (Can adjust if need more)

You can do whatever combination of PG/VG you like I use the ejuice me up calc to be more precise in measurements. You can get the ejuice me up calc here

What a great informative website for all levels of Vap-ers! Thanks for your hard work Mike.


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