I have already have had the pleasure of testing the Innokin iTaste pen style mod and I must say I was really impressed. I am not really a fan of China products. However when they try to come up with something new and inventive and not try to knock off anyone then I am all for it. I mean lets face it the form factor of anything cant really be changed that much weather it is round or square. At least Innokin is trying to come up with something different and unique for the beginner vaper in mind. I always worry about quality of the product when it comes to being from any place other than the good old USA. So far the iTaste from Innokin has held up great. I look forward to reviewing the MVP and look forward to my video review to be posted soon!

1/24/2014 06:32:56 am

Innokin cool fire is pretty good and I agree MVP is great.


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