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My side of the saga. Many of you good folks already knew me from another forum and know what type of person I am.  I don't take shit and I sure as hell don't lie.  I call it like I see it.  

I'm a vaper of almost 3 years and only have one agenda, to help other vapers.

I joined because someone had asked me to check it out.  It seemed like a good forum...a place to let your hair down.  It wasn't too long after I joined that I was asked to be a mini moderator.  I accepted the job, but to be honest and several of you know this as fact, that I really didn't want it but what the hell...something different.  Well, I was then promoted to full even bigger joke if you ask me.  I'm not moderator material and I knew this.  If you were on nu-vapor, you would have noticed that I didn't smack heads like Doggin, Whiskey, Skorne42, Papa Hoyt, and MrEcig did.  Not so much as handing out an infraction...I don't believe in that shit.

On November 14th, 2012, I was stripped of moderator status.  Why you ask?  Because I defended another member in trying to explain to administration exactly why international modders wouldn't join their po-dunk forum.  They accused Freddie of trying to pull members away from nu-vapor which was far from the truth.  He had posted a mod that is in a group on Facebook to let people know that it was available.  Admins wanted him to do the group buy on nu-vapor but what they couldn't seem to understand was that Freddie was only organizing it.  The modders were the ones who dictated where these mods could be sold.  When I tried to help explain everything, they turned on me.  Now they are spreading huge lies to the people of nu-vapor...well lets see how this goes shall we? side of the story unedited and unmoderated!

I get rather "wordy".  I don't mean to offend anyone so if you are a person who gets offended easily, please stop reading and close this.  If you aren't, hold on to your britches because I'm one pissed off bitch.  Pissed off because this forum holds back from it's members instead of trying to be of assistance...completely opposite of what they claim and totally against what I believe in.  They should be banned from the vaping community!

I also want to make something clear, I'm not mad at all of the modderators there.  There are a couple good ones that are very fair.  I'm only pointing my finger at Whiskey, Doggin, Skorne42, Papa Hoyt, and MrEcig.

This is what started all of it....a mod.

11/20/2012 12:54:00 am

always pointing fingers but never at yourself


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