mmmmm Ok this turned out to be Cranberry!!! The recipe is posted below. All of the recipes on this page are my own creations. If you like them or have comments about what to add or take away to make it better/worse, let me know.

Mix is 70/30

TPA Cherry: 10%
TPA Blackberry: 7%
TPA Extra Blueberry: 5%
TPA Strawberry: 7%

This will make 30ml I use 100% PG base Nicotene

Nicotene: 11.25ml
PG: 70% 1.05ml
VG: 30% 9ml

Cherry: 3ml
Blackberry: 2.1ml
Blueberry: 1.5ml
Strawberry: 2.1ml

This is nice i let mine steep for a day or so and it came through really good. Now all I can taste is Cranberry out of it. This was my first experiment with more than 2 flavors. Try it out, let me know what you think!

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