If you like berry you are gonna like this, another one just in time for the holidays! A mix of boysenberry and cotton candy bringing together nice goodness of berry and candy goodness... Give it a try!!! Let me know what you think! Remember always use caution when mixing juices.

Berry Candy
Nicotine Ejuice Strength PG 100% at 48mg

Target Strength: 18mg
Amount to Make: 30ml

Vlav 1 TPA Boysenberry: 10%
Flav 2 TPA Cotton Candy: 8%

This makes 30ml 20 Drops equals 1 ml

Nicotine Ejuice: 11.25ml
PG: 70% 4.35ml
VG: 30% 9ml

TPA Boysenberry 3ml
TPA Cotton Candy 2.4ml

I added 10 more drops Bosysenberry and 8 more Cotton Candy or until you are satisfied :)

Happy Vaping!

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